MultitrackStudio for iPad is compatible with Audiobus!

MultitrackStudio for iPad

By Giel Bremmers

MultitrackStudio for iPad is an audio/MIDI multitrack recording app. It includes audio and MIDI editors and many high quality audio effects.

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MobMuPlat is compatible with Audiobus!


By Iglesia Intermedia

MobMuPlat (short for Mobile Music Platform) lets you create your own custom audio software for iOS with PureData. MobMuPlat hosts a list of user-created documents, each of which defines a user interface and audio engine.

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Temperament is compatible with Audiobus!


By Sarah Handley

Temperament is synthesizer with a circular interface offering physically modeled instruments, as well as instruments using traditional synthesis methods.

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Drum School is compatible with Audiobus!

Drum School

By Ferenc Nemeth

Advanced groove library and drum learning tool for all levels.

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Fiddlicator is compatible with Audiobus!


By Martin Varga

The Fiddlicator is an audio tool which can simulate various kinds of acoustic environment by the convolution of the input signal with a custom impulse response.

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ARGON Synth is compatible with Audiobus!


By iceWorks, Inc.

Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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VoKey Lite is compatible with Audiobus!

VoKey Lite

By Terry Demco

VoKey is a powerful, easy to use sampler. Import and export from your computer, manipulate the waveform with the touch screen, timeshift to sync all of the notes when playing chords… Record your performances, and play them back with the most dynamic and vers

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Prodigy is compatible with Audiobus!


By Tim Strelnikov

FM Sound Synthesizer

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Chiptunes Pro is compatible with Audiobus!

Chiptunes Pro


Chiptunes Pro lets you make retro music the way it should be made - with chips! Build your circuit to lay down drum beats, basslines, and tunes.

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