Solo [Nr.19] is compatible with Audiobus!

Solo [Nr.19]

By apeSoft

Solo [Nr.19] is an algorithm that aims to implement digitally the original analog set-up (Technical set-up) for the performance (One-man-performance) of six versions of Solo für melodieninstrument mit rückkopplung by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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XK1 is compatible with Audiobus!


By One Red Dog Media

XK-1 is the perfect companion to your CME Xkey keyboard. Now take this powerful synthesizer with you everywhere your iPhone goes.

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pocket studio free is compatible with Audiobus!

pocket studio free

By XME Inc.

The first Great Free Multitrack DAW

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jamstik Connect is compatible with Audiobus!

jamstik Connect

By Zivix, LLC

jamstik Connect is your gateway to make hundreds of music apps accessible to your jamstik wireless guitar controller.

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AltiSpace is compatible with Audiobus!


By AltiSpace - Convolution reverb

The realistic sound of famous reverb equipment for your iPad and iPhone! Includes a large built-in library of the highest quality reverb impulses taken from actual devices and the possibility to upload your own reverb space impulses.

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EGSY01 is compatible with Audiobus!


By Andrea Angelini

Analog polyphonic synthesizer with LFO, VCA, VCF and FX

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4Beats - Music Creator is compatible with Audiobus!

4Beats - Music Creator

By Vladimir Vladimirov

Discover your music talent! 4Beats lets you to compose pro sounding songs with an ease.

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Unity Live is compatible with Audiobus!

Unity Live

By Steve O’Connell

Live performance MIDI synthesizer

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GaMBi is compatible with Audiobus!


By David Ventura / 151A Ltd.

GaMBi is a chiptune player allowing customization of classic video game sound via channel control, AudioCopy, and sampling. Comes bundled with over 60 tracks from famous artists classic and modern. Supported formats include: NSF, GBS, VGM, HES, SID, and more!

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