E–Theremin MKII is compatible with Audiobus!

E–Theremin MKII

By DesignByPaul

The E-Theremin MkII translates the unique and distinctly eerie sound of the theremin onto a digital interface, allowing you to control pitch and volume on a x/y pad. Get that classic sound.

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iFretless Brass is compatible with Audiobus!

iFretless Brass

By Blue Mangoo

iFretless Brass version 3.0. IFretless - a new musical instrument for iPhone and iPad.

Download iFretless Brass on the App Store

csSpectral is compatible with Audiobus!


By Boulanger Labs

csSpectral is a real-time, Csound-based, multi-effects processor featuring a Streaming Phase Vocoder, six other Spectral algorithms, many other realtime and offline effects!!

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Vandelay is compatible with Audiobus!


By Klevgränd Produktion AB

Multiband modulation delay

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Spectrograph is compatible with Audiobus!


By DSP Mobile

The Spectrograph displays and records realtime spectrograms with amazing visual representations in 2D and 3D.

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SpaceVibe is compatible with Audiobus!


By Yannick Roy

A multi-oscillator phase distortion module with up to 10 seconds of delay and rotary effects. Pick a Key & Scale to play in. Space at your fingertips!

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BureaMini is compatible with Audiobus!


By Markus Sigg

This app lets your iOS device act as a MIDI expander for playing the Great Manual and the Pedal of Lars Palo’s Bureå Church sampleset.

Download BureaMini on the App Store

Fiddlewax Pro is compatible with Audiobus!

Fiddlewax Pro

By Fiddlewax LLC

Fiddlewax Pro transforms your iPad into a cutting-edge musical instrument, drum kit, chorded zither, and multi-channel looper; all seamlessly designed for maximum playability and intuitive musical expression.

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