Audiobus on the Mac/PC in your studio

We’re receiving many requests from users who want to know if we’re planning for Audiobus to be able to send audio to a Mac or a PC. They’re asking for VST plugins, Audio Units etc.
We know you want this to happen. We do as well. It’s possible to create desktop software to receive audio output from Audiobus (which means from any iOS device running the Audiobus app) but it’s something we’d rather do right than rush it.

Maybe you want to do more than just receive an audio stream.

Maybe you want to control the routing directly from a VST plugin with the click of a mouse.

Maybe you want to connect four iPods and treat them as inexpensive rendering nodes for iOS synths that you’re feeding MIDI to from your studio PC that’s running Windows.

Maybe you want to r… oops, can’t talk about that yet.

We’re listening to what you’re saying. This is us telling you that we understand the possibilities.  We’ve thought about them and we’ve decided to start with the stuff that we can deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you so much for your input and please keep it coming.


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