SpringSound is compatible with Audiobus!


By Christophe Duquesne

SpringSound is a physical modeling synthesizer with a full access to all physical parameter. It has an audio input which allow to use it as an effect. It also contain a Haken Continuum remote control.

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Animoog for iPhone is compatible with Audiobus!

Animoog for iPhone

By Moog Music Inc.

Animoog is Moog Music’s premiere polyphonic synthesizer for the iPhone.

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Midi TTS is compatible with Audiobus!

Midi TTS

By mark carlotto

midiTTS is a MIDI-controlled text to speech synthesizer that contains 128 MIDI controlled pads, organized into eight 4x4 programmable pad sets. The pads can be played using any Core-MIDI compatible device (keyboard, sequencer, or controller).

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Apollo Sound Injector is compatible with Audiobus!

Apollo Sound Injector

By Secret Base Design

The app connects to Apollo Remote Recorder, and transfers live audio from one iOS device to another. Apollo Sound Injector can also toggle recording on Apollo Remote Recorder, and move audio files captured on one device to another.

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Jordantron is compatible with Audiobus!


By Omenie Ltd. for Wizdom Music

Jordan Rudess’ live rig - on your iPad!

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Guitar Jam Tracks - Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy is compatible with Audiobus!

Guitar Jam Tracks - Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy

By Ninebuzz Software LLC

Practice jamming, learning scales and soloing to 5 great sounding jam tracks right from your iPhone/iPad! Add more styles and scales with our in-app store. Our easy-to-read scale charts show you exactly where to put your fingers!

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EGDR909 is compatible with Audiobus!


By Elliott Garage

EGDR909 a drum machine that emulates the vintage hardware from the 80’s. Its realistic and clear interface recalls the analog machine from the past, for all the vintage fanatics. You can play with the rythm presets included or you can create your own pattern

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Ondes is compatible with Audiobus!


By Olympia Noise Co.

Ondes is an expressive electronic instrument for iOS.

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unimator is compatible with Audiobus!


By joerg piringer

Create quick and fun text and sign animations! Use the whole character set of the device including Smileys, Emojis, and other symbols and scripts. Enter the texts with a special keyboard that shows all possible characters. Make animated ascii- and unicode art!

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Afro Latin Drum Machine is compatible with Audiobus!

Afro Latin Drum Machine

By Luis Martinez

AfroCuban and latin percussion drum machine.

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