Kick-ass Guitarism tutorial and demo by Ryan covering a (not for the faint hearted) song by Ween.

Check out this great video of the new LiveFX app in action with an Audiobus chain featuring Magellan and NLog Pro.

Here’s the video showcasing all of the new features in Magellan. Pretty impressive stuff!

Check out this great demo by JOlu MSosa of what you can do with Audiobus, Loopy HD, JamUp Pro, ThumJam’s pitch detection and heaps of talent.

Jordan Rudes about Audiobus: “This thing is totally awesome!”

Seasonal demo video of Orphion, with NLog, SoundPrism Pro, Loopy, and Audiobus.

New Audiobus Demo Video: Looping guitar with JamUp and Loopy HD

New Audiobus Demo Video: Multitrack Recording